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Make your return to the agency easier with the "Full Fuel" option. By subscribing to this option, you buy in advance the full fuel of the vehicle from the rental at the average price found on the market. By doing this you will not have to worry about refueling and will not waste time before returning your rental vehicle.

Wifi Mobile

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Opt for Mobile Wifi for a connection without limits ! Perfect for your travels in Morocco, MOTION CARS Mobile Wifi joins business with pleasure. With MOTION CARS Mobile Wifi, access and surf anywhere and anytime without having to incur roaming charges and without having to connect to restrictive Wi-Fi zones. With the MOTION CARS Wifi Mobile solution, we are always trying to make more mobile with unlimited access to wireless Internet on computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets; precisely because we know that staying connected to the Internet has become an integral part of your life. It is not interesting to cut you off just because you are traveling. All the interest of this service is to allow you to read your mails, to consult your page on the social networks, to download photos of holidays or to surf freely on Internet.

Diesel preference

You have a preference for "Diesel" Are you planning a long family holiday or long business trips? With the option "Diesel Preference", save money when you rent a car. By choosing during your booking the diesel option, you will have a diesel vehicle the day of your departure to better control your budget. To note : • The choice of the option is made upon reservation. • The diesel option is subject to the availability of vehicles in an agency. • The diesel option applies only to passenger vehicles, excluding the 100% gasoline category.

Automatic preference

Travel safely by booking the "Automatic car" option You prefer to avoid using the clutch pedal, not to offset the pelvis and lower back, or you suffer from joint problems, ankles to the wrists through the hips and shoulders! MOTION CARS, offers cars with automatic gearbox that avoids these problems when you ride a lot and if you are a senior or sick or just because you have a license for driving only automatic vehicles. Don't hesitate to subscribe to this additional service so that you can live your journey in discovery, relaxation and pleasure.

Additional driver

Why not add a second driver for an even more relaxing journey ? When you take the road especially when it comes to long journeys, you tire inevitably. In addition you stay focused on the road without enjoying the surrounding landscapes and without having the necessary break time. With MOTION CARS 'additional driver solution, you'll be able to fully appreciate your journey by sharing the car's steering wheel with the person you trust. Do not hesitate to subscribe to this additional service so that you can live your journey in discovery, relaxation and pleasure.

Full Protection (LDW)

Protect yourself from any incident with the FULL OPTION Damage Waiver and theft protection For optimum protection and a serene journey, MOTION CARS invites you to subscribe to the FULL OPTION. It is an insurance that offers you maximum peace of mind through the total deductible buy-out and avoids any unforeseen expenses. So any damage that may occur to the rented car whether in the event of an accident, loss or theft is included in advance in the total deductible buy-back that you buy from your rental.
navigation GPS

Navigation system (GPS)

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Get on the right track with the MOTION CARS GPS There's nothing more unpleasant than getting lost on your way and missing your appointment. MOTION CARS has thought of you and offers you its additional GPS service. With this navigation system appreciated for its ability to help people navigate, you drive with confidence as if you knew the road perfectly. GPS has undoubtedly become the centerpiece of transportation systems around the world since it allows you to position yourself and get the precise directions to get to your destination without difficulty. So do not forget to equip yourself with the GPS of MOTION CARS so that your escapades are more pleasant!
baby seat
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Travel safely while booking a baby seat The long journeys are often tedious for the big ones even less for the small ones. They lose patience and become easily irritable. So that your protégés travel in the best conditions, consider renting the baby seat at MOTION CARS to ensure their safety and comfort. To take a nap or feel protected, your baby will not get tired of the trip and the whole family will enjoy the time of the road.


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